Thursday, November 4th 2010, 0009hrs.


I don’t read newspapers, or watch the 8pm news.


I don’t know what actually One Malaysia means. Really I don’t. And I really don’t like the way some people say “Salam Satu Malaysia” on the start of an event, or to end a letter.


Oh, and I thought we’re supposed to be One Malaysia anyway, since the word go?


Well, despite saying all these, I would say that I actually have my own definition of One Malaysia.


Like when my Chinese male friends could comment about my headscarf, “Maria, I think this tudung looks good on you.”


Or like when a Roman Catholic senior colleague could buy me a nice scarf when he went for a holiday in London. And it really covers what I need to cover, as a Muslim woman.


When my best friend comes back to celebrate Deepavali with her family, and she wanted to have a celebration with me, too.


When we could sell kuih raya to our Punjabi colleague during raya time, and she’s like one of the biggest customer.


When our Punjabi colleague gets leave on Deepavali when she actually celebrates Vasakhi.


During Chinese New Year ALL of my family members have big plans.


Like during Christmas, my brother could celebrate it with a Christian friend.


When it doesn’t matter if I celebrate any of the festivities with my dear friends. It’s not like it’s going to shake my faith in any way.


I have my faith and you have yours. It’s just that we’re good friends and we have faith in each other too.


When a group of people from different cultural and religious backgrounds could create a play about faith, and could relate to everyone in the hall.


Like when you and me could talk about death and will want the same thing in the end.


When I could laugh at my boss’ bad Cantonese while I can’t really speak the language. After laughing at it, I could actually catch the bad Cantonese. And the bad Hokkien too.


When we could ALL be best friends to each other. Enjoy roti canai and nasi lemak together. Wantan mee too.


We’re not really supposed to identify someone according to their race or to their faith. If you really want One Malaysia.

But I think we do need to accept the fact that there are things that are different between us. It doesn’t mean we must be indifferent.


I think accepting our differences is essential. Not just tolerating them. Just like husband and wife.

Accept, embrace. Embrace, love. Love, unity. Unity, peace.


Let’s pray together that we’ll ALL live happily ever after.  🙂


* * *

Kau datang saat aku kehilangan arah

Ketika kau genggam jemari tanganku

Lalu lenyaplah hari-hari duka

Yang selama ini membelenggu


Ku hamparkan semua resah

Dibelai kasihmu

Dan kau terima dengan hati yang tulus

Lalu pagi pun berambah cerah

Diiringi nyanyian seribu cinta…..


(Lagu tak ada kena mengena)