Sunday, September 26th 2010. 2047hrs.


Call me old, but I love Frank Sinatra.

I don’t know when exactly did I fall in love with him, but my dad said I’ve loved the song “New York, New York” since I was able to dance and sing, which was..emm..very very young. Before I could even pronounce the word New York properly.

His voice is so strong, yet the songs are just soothing.

My favourite ballad to play during my organ classes was “My Way”. Our (beloved?) ex-prime minister Mahathir loved it so much. Well, tell me who wouldn’t shed at least a tear when he listens intently to this song?

“What is a man, what has he got, if not himself that he has not? To say the things he truly feels, and not the words of one who kneels….”

The song “The Way You Look Tonight” – I first heard it in the movie Father of the Bride. Really really amazing, really nice….
But it reminds me of that beautiful day, that bright cheerful smile that I’d never see again, the moment when all I wanted to do was to get up and dance with this wonderful man…he was just so happy when the song came up and I said I really really love it….
The memory hurts but the song is so good that I just can’t leave Sinatra and this song behind. You know, the whole last year I wouldn’t dare ‘touch’ Sinatra. I guess I’m ok now..

“Strangers in the Night” reminds me of those days in Dublin, when it was winter and I was alone in the early evenings, no SkyTV and all I had was BBC and national Irish channels. So I watched Eurostar everytime it’s on air, eating my dinner alone, and this young boy would sing this song.
Now I’m waiting for my stranger too…

Amazing how strong memories some songs could bring. And Sinatra has been with me during some important stages in my life.

I love Frank Sinatra. Sweet or hurtful memories, I guess I just can’t quit listening to his charm. At least not yet.

“Lovely, don’t you ever change, keep that breathless charm…