Tuesday, November 2nd 2010, 2025hrs.


Last week I went to watch part of the Short and Sweet short play festival. Twice. Yes, twice. My brother said me and my cousin get obsessed easily, but that’s another story.




After the plays, we managed to meet up with one of the directors, and an actor from two different plays. I said hi, nice play, great performance.


The conversation that followed, although with two different people at two different time, sounded a little bit like this:


“So how did you find it?”

“Good!” With my big smile, of course.


“Which one do you like? What do you like most about the play?”

Looking right into my eyes, expecting a smart answer, constructive comments.


I looked back into their eyes and said, “Errrrrr…..”


* * *

Ok. I can’t talk to strangers. Basically I don’t actually know how to socialise.


Is it just me? Or is it….emm….doctors in general?


Do you realise that when we, doctors, meet up, we’d talk about our jobs most of the time?

We could get into heated conversations, extremely funny jokes, but only about things that happened at work.


My friend said that someone said to her, that, “you doctors may be extroverts within your own people, but you really are introverts elsewhere.”


Somehow I found that it’s true, at least for me.


Back to the story above.

I found that I did not know how to give a comment on a play. I don’t know what they would expect us to say. What to say so that they would understand what I think.


Or maybe I just watched for the sake of watching. I wouldn’t be able to say whether the acting and the script and all was good or not (and really, this guy’s piercing eyes really asked me, like seriously, how I found his play). I enjoyed the show, yes, but that’s about it.


So now I’m concerned about my lack of deep knowledge of everything else outside medicine. It’s not like I have the desired depth of knowledge in medicine, anyway.


I know about many things but I only know bits of this and bits of that.


I’m also concerned about finding the way I could engage a conversation, and make others enjoy conversing with me too.


How now……emmmmm…..