Written on 30th August 2010

Ramadhan has always brought me this feeling.

This feeling of emptiness.
How do I describe it.

It’s like my soul is hollow. When you talk into my soul, there would be echoes.
It’s like my mind is void. If you hit my skull you could hear the resonance.

But it’s refreshing.
It’s a pleasant, blissful feeling.
It feels so light I could fly in the sky.
The air around me so still, I could hear the trees whispering.

This emptiness needs to be filled.

With enlightenment.
With ilmu.
With strength.
With faith.
With love.

There will always be space.
Ramadhan is ending soon. With hopes to fill up some of the void.
With a need to hurry, because yes, it is ending soon.
Hoping that it could sustain me, until we meet again next year.

I hope and I pray, that we will meet again next year.
I will miss this feeling of blissful emptiness.

P/S: Thank you, Stranger, for lending your sweet voice to my inspiration. 🙂