Written on 15th September 2010

I have so many things in mind….

1. To print out all my blogs nicely and compile them into a book that can expand. That will need a printer and maybe the help of Martha Stewart.

2. To buy an oven (credit card points redemption) and bake, bake and bake!!

3. To buy a proper gas stove and cook, cook and cook!

4. To take mom and little sis for another trip. Maybe to Langkawi in October and join the rest of them there.

5. Continue writing.

6. Make-over little sister’s room. That may also need the help of Martha Stewart.

Time limit? One month. And then after my results are out then I can decide.

If I pass this time around:

7. Start to practice talking. Yes, talking. I get very nervous during viva so I’d better start early.

8. I’ll have a little more time to travel and slowly prepare for part 2a because the next exams will only be in May, if I’m not mistaken.

But if I don’t pass, I’ll be stuck for another few months until January!!!!!!!!!

For the time being, let’s concentrate