Written on 7th September 2010

As one life leaves us, one lesson is learnt.

Tonight a 21-year-old girl lost her father. And it is another 3 days to Eid.
Now she has no one left.

This month a few of our patients left us to go to a better place.
And many, like them, will spend Eid this year, and the years that will follow,
without their loved ones.

Life’s like that.

For us lucky people who still have our dearly beloved on our sides, this is the
time to cherish this love.

Let us treasure the fact that we have them to come home to on this beautiful
The day of victory, after a month of jihad, a month of hard work, a month of

Let us relish in each other’s love and care and even fuss.
Because we are still around for each other.

Let us say our thanks to Allah, for giving us this chance to celebrate life in
this world again.

Let us forget the past hurts and evil.

Why not put up a cheery face, no matter where we may be, for the sake of their
One may say, why pretend to be happy? But you know what, why one would have to
pretend to be happy, when you still have a reason to be happy – people who love
you are still around you.

Yes, why not wear that beautiful smile, the way we wear our beautiful new
They love you, and you love them too.

Oh, and make those whom your loved ones love happy too.

Let’s make the effort to make this day meaningful.
It’s a day of love, of forgiveness, of friendship.
It is a day of peace.

Because we can never tell, whether this is the last time we make each other

Eid Mubarak, my loved ones.
May this be another beginning of a peaceful life.