I know the world is kind of scary these days.
Crime everywhere. People not sincere with whatever they say or do.

But I’m glad that my life has been touched by so many angels around me.
Angels in many forms.

The 84 years old uncle, or 81 years old grandpa.
A group of friends who took me as who I am.

Those angels I met in medical school, some I’m still in contact and some I’ve never seen again.
Those who came across my path for a short while and helped me for something important.
Angels full of encouragement and support you feel that everything in life is beautiful.
That life is worth enjoying every second.

Angels in the form of two tall men, always thoughtful, concerned and full of advice.
There are angels who are so polite that I felt embarassed just thinking about them.
An angel with beautiful eyes with a cheeky twinkle in it.
An angel who looks up to me and won’t go to bed if I don’t go with her.
Angels in the form of two tall men who would be there for me no matter what.
An angel whose smile reaches his eyes and lights up the whole town.

Angels in the name of family, friends, and strangers too.
And of course, my mom who’s above all other angels.

I’m glad my life has been touched by so many angels around me.
In all shapes and forms.
And I promise all of you, I’ll bring it forward too.