Come back from work. Sleep off the lethargy. Wake up and have dinner of bread and serunding daging and buah kurma.

Then study till midnight.


Well, I could have a meaningful sleep now. And then I could have a meaningful simple dinner while watching Monk on DVD. Then I can have meaningful study time with myself.

And then on weekends I can have meaningful time cooking with my sister and mum and doing other things together without anyone stopping me.
I can go out with my brothers til midnight and no one can stop me from doing that too.
I can meaningfully love whoever I want to love.

I can put meaning and soul and energy to anything I want and love to do. Including studying and sleeping.

Singledom or married life.
As long as you put all your heart in whatever you do, it would be meaningful. Then nobody can tell you otherwise.

P/S: Dear boss, thank you for granting me my leave for tomorrow. I will study hard and smart. I’ll come back to work on Thursday.