So here goes.

I came home from work at around 6.15pm. Well, not really going home for real because I was just going to fetch the nasi biryani in the fridge, and get back to the hospital (which is five minutes away); my patient had just passed away so I had to settle the documents.

As I came to the door, the grilles were open, and I thought (or wish) maybe my housemate was rushing in to get something important and get back to the hospital – she was on call.

But then there’s a little scratch on the door frame. Just a little scratch. Then I knew it was someone else. Someone whose job is, well, to break in to people’s house and take things other people buy with their hard-earned cash.

At first I was scared to get in, I was worried that there was someone in the house still. The first thing I looked for was the TV and it was still there. And the astro decoder. And the DVD player too.

But my bedroom door was open. My cupboard doors were open too! My heart has already known without me even having to look……my less-than-a-year-shiny-beloved laptop was gone from its bag!!!!! Just. The. Laptop. Not my speakers. Not my camera.

The cupboard seemed like it was searched in but not too much. As if the person who came into the house purposely did that. Just to add to the touch.

I had to go into my housemate’s room. Same thing. Her laptop gone. Her stuff all over the place. I called her. She said yes, she said her laptop was at its usual place in the morning. We talked and talked. And talked.

Then I grabbed my nasi biryani from the fridge, locked my door (it still functions), and went back to the hospital.

* * *

Yes, we lost a few thousand ringgit worth of stuff.

But we were lucky. I can’t stop thinking how lucky we were that day.

First and foremost, there was no one at home. I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if one of us were here and someone just barged in like that.

Of course, all our other stuff were safe.

Lucky there was no one in the house when I came back. Lucky that he/she/they have done the job by the time I came home. Again, I can’t imagine….

Lucky they didn’t leave anything behind. Any weird talismans or their own…emm…”produce”.

Luckily I had to take my biryani at home despite boss telling me “don’t go home, I think this man is going to die soon”. I said to him, “don’t worry, my house is just around the corner.” If I didn’t go home that evening, I would’ve found this out even later that night, and my brother might have gone home, and I don’t know who else would accompany me to the police station.

I was lucky I have my brother.

So far I’m still lucky that I have a steady job, that I could always buy a new laptop. Although there goes my budget and I can’t shop in Singapore after my exams in September.

I was lucky I have a housemate to share this with, and she’s not the kind of person who freaks out too much. Our parents would, though. Heheh.

Yeah, we were both very lucky indeed.

* * *

Things happen for a reason. It’s a cliche but it’s true.

I started to think.

Maybe I wrote too much on my Facebook notes or my blogs, that my laptop is taken away for the reason of “misuse”.

I don’t think I put too many embarrassing photos but then again….nah….

Maybe I don’t spread enough good with the laptop.

Maybe I should work harder so that my money won’t burn like this.

Or maybe it’s just a test for me. Losing a person I love(d) and losing something this material is way different. But then again, the next day all bittersweet memories kept coming back and I so did not feel good at all. Although I’ve felt a lot worse.

Yeah, it made me think.

Now I have to get back to my studies. There you are, my dear ones, Part 2