Written on 22nd July 2010 @ 2016hrs

My dream house

Must be a bungalow on a flat land. Or maybe on the hills.

Large compound, with green fields all around.

At the end of the green fields, there’d be tall hedges surrounding the grounds, giving privacy and beauty.
And before the hedges, there are large trees lining the field.

Large trees we could sit and have a tea below them.
Large trees we could hang a wooden swing and laze around.
Large trees we could just sleep below it during hotter days, with wind blowing.

I forgot to say.
Maybe the bungalow could be the colonial style.
Or the clean, simple, white/light pink/brown like the ones estate managers live in.
That would be nice.

The house would have many windows so that wind can blow in and out.
Many windows so that the sun can shine in.
A big kitchen and a walk-in store for my kitchen stuff, like the one in Chef at Home.
The kitchen will have yellow interior, and wooden cabinets. But not the old fashioned ones.
All bedrooms facing the kiblat.
Maybe a library, and a jamming/hobby room.

A swimming pool would be nice.

But you know what….

Actually my dream home,

Is the house with kids running around, many kids
Foster or biological, doesn’t matter
And when they grow up, they’ll tease and laugh at each other
Cry on each other’s shoulders

A house where my kids will sit in the kitchen table and talk
Girl talk, guy talk or whatever

A house where we’ll have long breakfasts and long teas

A house where cousins and aunties and grandmas and grandpas will come often
Come with smiles and laughters
We’ll hold our tahlil there
Dinner parties

It would be nice to have a big beautiful house.
But a great beautiful family would be better, even without the big kitchen. Or the swimming pool