Written on 18th July 2010 @ 2343hrs

She sits there alone in her room. Sometimes with her maid.

She’d be tying to catch some breath. Sometimes she’s comfortable. Food half touched in the tray.

Her hair parted into two, and tied loosely.

She never smiled. Not at me. Not at him. Not at us.

He’d sit down and talk to her. She’d softly answer.

No connection. Not at the start.

Day in and day out. He’d see her everyday.

I don’t know what they talked about. I hoped he’d alleviate her worries.

Then we saw her again. All of us.

A small smile.

So he sat in front of her.

She looked at us, one by one. I smiled. A small smile.

He spoke to her. “How are you today? Are you ready to go home?”

At first she was unsure.

She seemed uncertain. Of something.

“Is there anything else you want to ask?” he asked gently.

She had something in her mind.

“It’s just….just….”

He looked at her.

“Maybe I should go home.”

‘She misses her granddaughter,’ I remember him saying.

She caught me staring at her. Staring with teary eyes.

“You have something to say?” he asked again.

“It’s just…..this thing, in my neck, it’s bothering me.”

He peered into her eyes.

“It’s there. All the time.”

Oh dear.

I want to hold your hand.
I want to sit there at his place. Tell me your worries.
Cry if you need.
I want to hold your hand.

I’ll listen.
And maybe you will smile again.

I want to hold your hand.
Because I know how scary it would be.

* * *

Biarkan berlalu semua kepedihanmu
Lelapkan matamu biarkan mimpi membawamu
Ke mana kau mahu

Selamat malam
Tidurlah, sayangku
Siang ‘kan tiba bercahaya
Bermula baru semua untukmu

Biarkan berlabuh tirai kisah semalam
Yang indah itu ada padamu
Dengan setiap impian dan harapan

Selamat malam
Tidurlah, sayangku
Siang ‘kan tiba bercahaya
Bermula baru semua untukmu

‘kan ku menjadi arjuna dalam mimpi mimpimu
Kan kupanah tepat ke jiwamu atas nama cintaku
Pari pari kuutus bawa kau ke sini lagi
Terhapus semua air mata dengan senyuman

Selamat malam, sayang
Selamat malam, kasih
Selamat malam, sayang