Written on 28th April 2010, 1049hrs

Dear Maria,

Do chase your dreams. Because your dreams will become reality, if you work hard enough. Forget the shadows.

Sit still at home. Don’t disturb Hannah. You can do that later.

Appreciate your restful study leave.

Remember how much you gained yesterday. You will want to do the same today, or even more.

Be happy with what you have. Once you’re happy, positive vibes will surround you.

People like others who like them. But for the time being forget the shadows. Stand grounded on the earth. It will make you happy too.

Please forget where you put your Blackberry. Distrubing Tau at work doesn’t help too. You can do that later once you’re tired.

I will stop talking to you if you promise me to close the Facebook window. The only voice that should be talking into your head is your teachers’, whoever they are, reminding you on what you’ve learnt all along.

Bye, Maria/Meera/Maya. I’ll talk to you again if you can’t finish your planned syllabus today.

Lots of love and hugs and kisses,

Your alter ego.