Written on 8th May 2010, 1252hrs.

You are a ST1 doctor in General Medicine. During an on-call you are in A&E seeing a patient who has a pneumothorax. On arriving you find the A&E ST2 doctor attempting to perform an aspiration. He appears to about to insert the needle at the wrong landmark. What is the most appropriate action?

A – tell your colleagues about what happened in the mess to ensure they are aware of the doctor’s limitations
B – Say nothing, stay with the patient and take over when he asks for help
C – Go and get the A&E consultant
D – Say nothing at the time but fill in a clinical incident form
E – Immediately voice your concerns and ask him to stop

Part I question, that is.

Professionalism, eh?

How many of us have done A? Or even C (I’ve been the receiving end of this and it’s sooooo not funny!)? I know B have happened before – people standing around and watch someone make a mistake, and let the patient suffer later.

Maybe A shall be changed to “Tell people on facebook on how inadequate the other MO/surgeon/specialist is”.

B – Keep quiet and report to your consultant that this other person is inadequate, instead of admitting to yourself that you yourself don’t know the correct way.

E is the correct answer, and should be done discreetly as to not hurt anyone’s feelings, especially in a community “yang cepat terasa”….hehehe..