Written on 5th May 2010 @ 0121hrs.

Now is the time to test my ability to generate a list. Hmm….damage to which lobe of the brain causes difficulty generating a list (Part I neurology….huhuuuuu!!)?

Right…moving frenzy:
1. You can’t wait to see your new place, and you want to see it everyday, even when you have not moved in.

2. You keep listing down the the things that you need (and more things that you don’t really need but you want it because it’s pretty) even though you’ve gone through the list and the catalogues and the shops.

3. You can stay up the whole night and then the whole day just to settle everything, because you want to make it look like a home the moment you set foot in it.

4. When you’ve finally bought the stuff on your list (and those not in the list but you added anyway), you can’t wait to put all of them in their rightful places, assemble those furnitures that are not assembled, even when it meant that you need to DIY in the middle of the night.

5. It’s a cycle of cleaning the new house – move things in – cleaning the house because it has become dusty – buy things – DIY – cleaning the house from the dust from the drilling and putting in screws – sleep – aircond man come and, well, put in aircond – cleaning the house – shopping – DIY – cleaning the house……

6. Opening up new packages of food and containers and plates etc, which caused a simple task of making an egg sandwich and a cup of tea to take as long as an hour!

7. The wood from meranti tree is sooooo NOT SUITABLE to be used as DIY furniture. Because the wood is EXTREMELY TOUGH!!! It should be sold as a complete furniture, NOT in flat packs to assemble at home. Plywood, wood from rubber tree, maybe pine wood, yes, you can do it at home. But NOT meranti or cengal.

8. If you want something unique, don’t buy stuff in Cavenzi. Search for specialty shops or in people’s home in Indonesia.

9. The way to tell whether it’s hard wood or not – look at the threads. Meranti threads are sooooo fine that they’re almost threadless. Oh, and it looks waaaaaay better than some other kinds of wood.

10. Counting and dividing the cost. Easier with Ikea receipt. A lot more difficult if you went shopping in Tesco. Well, how the h*** would you know what is SH TSU BSF or PRE C/B 28 or DRAGON FRA???

11. Sen Heng is good. No, they did not pay me any money for this, but they gave me great discounts. The service is good too!

12. Who said Ikea is expensive? I mean, where do you find a RM99 coffee table, or an RM89 TV shelf, of even a RM185 white and tall bookshelf? Oh, and they are soooo pretty!

I love a new house, because I’ve always moved houses when I was younger.

My advice:
Keep to your shopping list. That way, you will be just broke, not very broke.

Smile! :