Written on 10th of May 2010, 1352hrs, the day before my exams.

Aaaargh! I need a short break!

At times it’s nice to just sit and study and do nothing else. Don’t need to worry about patients, don’t need to worry about life, don’t need to worry much about other people, just need to worry a bit about tomorrow…haha!!

One thing exams remind me of is my life in Dublin. Go to class, take a walk in Grafton Street, go back to class, break, study, study, go back to Grafton Street, then go home, dinner, sleep, then wake up and study again.

Winter is even better. Sun sets at 4pm. By the time I break fast, solat and tarawih (it was Ramadhan), it was only 6.30pm. After nap, it’s only 9.30pm. Then I can study and read books and read online books and eat one tub of ice cream and dream and watch DVD.

Amazing how much activity I could do over there!

It was really nice. And exams like this (with proper study leave) makes me happy (in some ways) because of the sweet reminisce of my beautiful past.

Only that now it’s very hot.

I wonder now, what did I eat for lunch during study leave days in Dublin? I did not cook. If I prepared something it would’ve taken a short while. Hmmm….maybe some sausages or egg sandwiches. But Mak Ngah cooked dinner for us. Or maybe sometimes I eat what Mak Ngah eats for lunch. For free. Sometimes.

One or two days before exams I would take longer breaks. I would study up to 4pm, then take a walk to, again, Grafton Street, stopping at book shops and dreamt of buying this book and that book and this book, wondering when is the next Harry Potter book coming out, and what the storyline would be this time…

I would stop at Butler’s, enjoying sips of heavenly hot chocolate with cold air blowing on my cheeks, sometimes the Stephen’s Green Park, and then Stephen’s Green Shopping Center, where people take a break from the library next door. There’s an arts and craft shop in the first floor where I always admire and, emm, dream about glass paintings and home decorations and stuff…

Then I will go home in time for dinner. After dinner it’s study time again.

Oh, I miss Dublin. I miss studying there, and everything else, of course.