I dreamt of you, my dear
And when I woke up
I saw your face
But I’m sorry to say, my darling
It was not a good dream
It was not a bad dream either

I saw him, too, you know
But when I woke up
He wasn’t here
It was someone else

He was talking to me
But he wasn’t
He was laughing with me
Or was it at me?
Or about me?

What time is it, my dear?
And who are you, again?

I’ve been sleeping for so long
But I have not slept at all
My body is beaten
But I’m not in pain
I have been running a hundred miles
But I’m still here

What’s that up there, my dear?
Is it falling down on me?
Or shall I reach out for it, so that it won’t hit me?
Oh, but it has hit me now.
Too late.

I’m sorry
What did you just say, doctor?