It’s quite an uncomfortable issue to discuss about, for some people, that is.

Amazing how different people see this, especially us Asians.

I used to, well, know this person who’s not too happy with all this public display of affection. Me, having grown up in the family that I have, and seen so many places and people in the whole world, did not agree with him. And I’m not talking about out-of-marriage relationships as it is not allowed as a Muslim to have much physical contact with a person of another gender. I’m talking about husband and wife, siblings, relatives.

For him, it’s not nice manners for a couple to walk hand-in-hand all the time, especially when they’re out with their parents. It’s almost not nice for a couple to show their affection in front of their friends. He thinks that uncles shouldn’t hug their nieces and siblings, if they can, shouldn’t hug each other unless on important occasions.

Well, coming from a person whose sisters never hugged their mum, never rested their heads on their mum’s lap, I shouldn’t have been that surprised.

My grandmother gives the fiercest hug to her loved ones.

My grandpa even hugged his son-in-laws.

My uncles and aunts hugged each other when they meet. This they handed down to their children.

I remember seeing my grandparents holding hands when they come out of the airport after haj.

My aunts and uncles hold hands as a couple even when they’re more than 50 years old. Sometimes they would give each other a massage when the whole lot of us is chatting after a kenduri, well, within boundaries of normal etiquette, of course. It’s ok to sit next to each other when you’re husbands and wives even in the presence of one of their parents.

It’s ok to hug one’s partner when they’re photographed. Or even when they’re sitting together having a drink with friends.

For me it’s ok to show that you’re happy with each other, wherever you may be, or whoever is around you.

I mean, I’d be happier if my brothers show SOME affection towards their partners rather than none at all. It’d show that they are normal people who have feelings and sensitive to their partners too.

I don’t mind if my partner hugs his sisters and brothers, and I’d be WORRIED if he never hugs his parents. Seriously, who doesn’t?

Why does one need to be all stuck-up and ‘macho’? What has love got to do with ‘no manners’? Unless you’re snogging someone’s face off, a peck in the cheek should be ok, right?

Never getting a single chance to hug one’s husband when he comes back from work, just because his mom and dad and sisters and brothers are around, is just deeply frustrating.

And please, guys, a lot of times a girl needs a hug because she needs a hug. I don’t see what’s wrong with that.