My nurses have long dozed off.

I don’t know why I can’t stop working tonight. I hope tomorrow is a good day.
Clinical summaries.
Insurance claims.
Forms for courses, LPOs.
Last-minute MRCP application (gasp!) – I wonder whether there’s space for me or not this May. Gosh..

To top it all off, endless MCQs. Oh, apparently your marks only improve after 80 questions. Wow.

“Alone, listless, breakfast table in an otherwise empty room..” A song as detatched as my feelings right now. I wonder what songs do people listen to when they study?

My Ex used to listen to the same song again and again and again. I did say that I’d prefer to study in a quieter environment. So he put on a huge headphone for himself. At that time it’s a sweet gesture. I don’t know what he actually thought of at that time, though.

Well, I guess now it’s Sleeq’s “Cun Saja”. We’ve both moved forward, taking almost the same exam..

200 questions per day, am chasing it.

Fighting against myself. Hey, at least it’s a comfortable, peaceful environment, as lonely as it could be at times.

But theb agai, I’m not alone. I wouldn’t be filling in this form for a course if I’ve been alone.
I wouldn’t be planning for a hectic weekend early in April if I am really alone.

And what is this fight compared to our beloved Prophet Muhammad’s? His work, his efforts, his determination to bring peace to the world?

I just can’t sleep. Maybe it’s just one of those days.

I hope I’ll be ok tomorrow morning.

(written on 9th March 2010)