I guess we all have been misunderstood at one point of time in our lives. Well, at least one point.

But I realised that sometimes it’s our fault.

We never really tell others what we’re going through, what we feel.

Out of pure ego, embarrassment, or sometimes we don’t think it’s important to tell. And sometimes the other party is too narrow minded or judgmental that we decided not to.

So we decided to keep quiet.

That’s when people misunderstand us.

I’ve been misunderstood when I talk. So I decided to keep quiet. Kept my mouth shut as if nothing has happened, as if I could accept everything that comes my way.

Even then, I have been misunderstood when I didn’t say anything. That’s when they thought that I was against everything they do or say.

Severely misunderstood. Ah, well.

At times the things we keep in our heart, the things we go through in our lives are so embarrassing, that we’d prefer to keep in and be misunderstood, than to risk it and tell everyone.

That’s life. For me, at least.

I guess there’s still be a series of misunderstandings in the future. I just have to learn to deal with it, and keep it to the minimum, or at least a tolerable level.


(written on 4th march 2010)