So funny.
They are giving one million ringgit for each of the top 20 schools in Malaysia.
But are they really good schools?
Just imagine.
The students in the schools are picked, specially to maintain the quality, the exam results, more like.
You get 3Bs in UPSR, do you have a chance to get into the school?
Do you know that if you are to enter your child to SK Bkt Damansara in three years time, you should register NOW?
The teachers have little challenge in maintaining the good grades!

Let’s just school, some form 4 girls can’t even READ!
If these schools can make these students get decent marks for their exams, then they ARE good schools.

Well, I don’t believe in this good-school bad-school thing, anyway.
I came from a rural school. Spell SEKOLAH KAMPUNG.
My brothers came from one of the most notorious schools in Klang, even the headmasters can’t stay long there.

Yet, here we are. My brothers can speak much much better English than that Malaysian Islamic Youth leader (you should watch Al Jazeera).
And I’ve met someone soooo narrow minded that you won’t believe he came from SK Bkt Damansara.

Ah well.

(Written on 8th February 2010)