Disclaimer: This is not educational material. Just sharing my ten-cents worth with fellow brothers and sisters.

It’s a known fact that Islam has been painted badly to the world, mainly by our own people, and of course by some Western leaders. We are the unwanted terrorists, over-reacting, and extremely sensitive (not in a good way). We always respond with anger.

When actually, Islam is about love.

Some months ago, someone told me that our doings in this life is not based on dosa and pahala. Sins and good deeds. She was taught by a guru whom I began to trust at that time. Sadly she did not elaborate more. But I do agree with her, though.

Not to say that there are grey areas. Islam is a clear and simple way of life. Mentioning the sins and good deeds are actually guidelines to our daily life. Grey areas are created when Islam is mixed with cultural traditions and secular confusion.

I have recently heard too much of ‘being a good wife’ and ‘sacrifice’ and ‘tolerance’ and all related stuff. About being closer to God, about being solemn and focused on one goal – that is, emm, heaven. Sins, good deeds, hell and heaven. Or just barakah? A concept that may be simple, or may be difficult, to grasp.

You see….

When a mother wakes up at night because her baby cried, did she do it out of love, or for pahala?

When a wife cooks for her husband and children, did she do it out of love, or for pahala?

When one recites the full selawat for Rasulullah SAW, is it out of pure love for our beloved gentleman, or to gain a point of good deeds?

When one handed a tray of complete meal to the hungry family next door, is it because one loved this family, or to gain a point of entry to heaven?

When one stands up and pray in the midnight, is it to offer thanks to Allah, to appreciate His Power by asking Him for His help, or to gain another point of entry to the jannah?

When a husband guides his wife on the way of life, is it to save himself from the hell, or to help her build a life full of barakah, a family blessed with His Rahmat, because he loves her so much?

When a son gives his mother some allowance, some money every month, is it because he appreciates her, or because he wanted to get brownie points from his mum, so that his life won’t be miserable?

When a mother lets her son marry the girl he loves (and stay away from her home), did she do it as a sacrifice, or because she loves him so much that she’s happy seeing both of them happy?

To be honest, I’m not exactly someone full of love, happy to have so many people around me. I was not a people person. But the more people I meet, the more friends I make, and most importantly, the closer I get to my family, I realized that I do have as much capacity to love as other people around me. Of course, some people are more friendly and loving than the others.

I found out that love is the way to sincerity. To honesty. Keikhlasan.

Because no other feeling in our heart is as pure as love.

I’m still learning to love, and I will always do.

I’ve learnt from a guru, a devout Christian, a wise Buddhist, a junior colleague, an old friend.

I’ve learnt from my parents, my family, my friends.

I’ve learnt from my patients.

And to continue learning, I will.

Let us all reach for the love deep inside our hearts, and feel, and make a difference in our lives.

Let’s hope and pray for His love, which is for eternity, never ending.

And let us smile to the world, because it is the beginning of love. 🙂