This rain

It brought upon

Both melancholy and hope

Heartbreak and love

Tap tap on the window pane

Dark clouds looming over

And the sun tried to peek

This rain

Brought both misery and anticipation

Of the past and the future

Because she knew

What was it like

To sink deep in the ocean

To chase the fishes

To track the coral reefs

Hand in hand

But she doesn’t know what it’s like

To cycle on the same sandy beach

To run from the rising tide

Or to just sit there together

Without anyone around

There’s always someone

Behind their back

There’s always someone

Watching and waiting

There always is someone

This rain

It brought together

Sorrow and laughter

Because she thinks

Sometimes it might be good

To just chill out

Or just strum our favourite songs

Or watch football

Or run around being happy

Just being happy

This rain

It brought upon

The deepest wishes

Tap tap on the window pane

Show me all the the heart would mean