Eid started off a bit rocky this time around. By maghrib 26/11/09 I was still in the ward, alone, having a lot to do still. One patient just came from another hospital, a lot of necessary information missing from the referral (I wonder how many times must I post the same reminder), two patients passed away within30 minutes, poor boy just arrived from the other hospital and saw these two patients dying in front of him. One patient had severe generalised body pain. I had another referral yet to see, apparently she’s in severe pain.

Called up boss, it was 7pm and he’s still in HKL, needing to see 15 patients….he said “just see briefly and I’ll have a look at her tomorrow.” Ok boss.

By the time all was done, it was 8.45pm. I wondered whether to try the Federal Highway, but I chose NKVE instead. Wrong choice. There was an accident in Rawang, and the traffic extended to Jalan Duta toll plaza.

Reached home at 10.30pm. Went to Cik Yam’s for (a very late) dinner. Declined an offer for a Magnum. Daddy said he wanted to make some ketupat, but I can’t see any coconut leaves lying around the house….well, I didn’t really looked for it. I was so tired I just went straight to bed.

This morning I woke up quite recovered from the lethargy yesterday. Went to the kitchen and found that daddy woke up at 3am to make some ketupat!! It was after 7am and the ketupat was almost done. “Another hour,” he said.

It was a peaceful morning. The sun was shining bright, the skies were clear and blue, the birds chirping away, soft breezes coming in and out of the house, the many windows and doors open, the takbir playing in the background…such serenity has rarely occurred these days….

So I took some breakfast, and shot off to start cooking for our breakfast and lunch.

They came back from the mosque as I was still bustling around the kitchen with the beef curry and masak lemak. Apparently the qurban is only going to be done tomorrow as there would be more time. This afternoon they’d need to take a break for Friday prayers.

Brother helped out with the coconut milk and the vegetables and washing of the dishes. I put the dishes together. Daddy took the ketupat out of the pot and went off to take a bit of a rest.

After three hours rushing around in the kitchen, the meals were prepared. Hot beef curry and vegetables cooked in coconut milk. I heated up the sambal kacang. And we had a filling breakfast at 11am.

By this time, I have forgotten that the whole last week has happened.

Next is my first attempt to nasi biryani…