Ok. I’m excited. For some funny reason. This song. Yeah, this song. Forget about being all British and proper, I wanna write like an American today.

This song. Hmm….this morning I was driving to the pool with my darling sister and cousin, then this song came up. I Wanna by All American Rejects. We looked at each other, and screamed! AAAaaaaAaaaaaAAAaaaRrrrrr!!!!! Sooooo excited!!

This song. Reminds me of the cheerful and happy life of excited teenage girls.
Reminds me of the laughter of my cousins, their smiles and their pride.

Of Penang and Sungai Petani after Eid this year. Of “kereta jah-koon”. Of (very) loud music – Ramli Sarip, SM Salim and of course, All American Rejects.

Of freedom, singledom, whatever. But yeah, freedom. To live life as much as possible. To run about doing chores and shopping and working and swimming and travelling and squash and scuba diving and partying and girl talk and day-outs and nights-out and nights-in and ice cream and facebook photos and new cars and new laptops and many more things. Just writing about it makes feel tired. Phew!

Of young, seemingly innocent girls singing happily and dancing and screaming with energy and excitement.

Of how, when one works hard for something he/she really really wants, chances are one would get what he/she wants.

Of favourite rock bands and stars and autographs and gifts.

How long will this excitement last? I don’t know. šŸ™‚