People always talk about mother’s instinct, which, I found, is often correct. Some of us have better sixth sense compared to the others.

Like my boss.

It happened one fine evening when I was on call.

I do passive calls, so I could go anywhere I want and only come in when there’s something important I need to settle. So I went home, but stopped by in Shah Alam to have a dinner and long chat with Liza.

After dinner, at around 11pm I received a call from my boss.

He said he went home at around 6pm, then had dinner with his family. Suddenly he had this really bad gut feeling about a patient. He really didn’t feel good about it, so he said to his wife that he really really needed to go back to the hospital to see a patient. And he did.

As soon as he arrived, the patient actually started to complain of chills and rigors. He told the nurse in charge to take his temperature, and it was 39C. So my boss took his blood cultures and started him on a strong antibiotic.

After a few days, the blood culture showed that the patient did have some bacteria in his blood.

Initially I did wonder why did he not tell me to come in at the first place. But then again if I were to do something out of pure gut feeling, I would do it myself and not let other people check on it. Because there still is a chance that your gut feeling is just gut feeling.

I realise that my boss’ instinct could be quite accurate, on patients as well as their family members and his staff too.

I guess sometimes when you love what you’re doing, or the people around you, or that one particular person (whoever it might be), your instincts about that person could at times be stronger.

Like when I call my mother, esp when I’m away, she doesn’t need to see the handphone screen to know who’s calling.

Often, when I was in General Surgery, I would have woken up from my sleep about 5 minutes when my nurses called me saying that a patient had collapsed or stopped breathing.

Or one day in Ramadhan my nurses and I were talking to no ends about this one patient who’s been with us for quite some time, talking about his life and his fate – he passed away10 minutes after that.

Of course, so much more things are untold and unpredictable.

But I guess being at peace with the world and sensitive towards our surroundings would make our instincts stronger.