This is a continuation of my previous note, Romantic Inclination.

I’ve begun to like one of Siti Nurhaliza’s new songs, Ku Percaya Ada Cinta. The first thing that attracts me is the song arrangement. This song, composed by the award-winning Audi Mok, has a very theatrical feel.

I’d imagine a video clip in which two different people are watching the same musical show, the performer would be Siti, of course. This lady and gentleman probably knew each other at another place and time, but they happened to be in the same theatre on that day, sitting in different places.

They would each think about their past love and life. While in the background ballet dancers would be performing around Siti when the waltz part is played. Then they’d run out when the slow tango begins. Another group of dancers would run in and play something like a pantomime. Another one or two groups will come in and out of the stage, while these two people stare away, partly enjoying the song, partly engrossed with their own stories.

The gentleman would at times look towards the lady, mesmerized with her beauty, wondering what the girl would be thinking of right now. She was smiling to herself and the man wondered what has made her happy. Is it another man in her life? But she seems like she’s carrying a weight in the background, some kind of calm maturity that is written all over her.

And this lady, noticing the man’s stare, but at the same time too careful to look back at him. She knew the look of a man, when he’s attracted. Though she’s keeping it slow and a bit playful.

The ballet dancers waltzed in again. Siti’s voice so sweet and beautiful, they both were brought back to the real world, fantasy lingering on the back of their minds.

The lady looked back at the man, when she thinks he didn’t notice.

The game went on and on during the show.

In the end they left, not without looking into each other’s eyes, meaningful and passionate. But they kept that passion to the slightest.

She walked to her car. The ballet dancers following in the background, having finished their performance that night.

And on her windscreen, a red rose and a note waited for her.

* * *

Mereka meragui wujudnya cinta yang sejati
Tidak hati ini
Semenjak dari mula
Ku yakin ada cinta
Cintalah yang memungkinkan segala

Ku rela biar betapa pun perit tertusuk duri
Jalan berliku tiada bertepi
Ku percaya tidak sia-sia aku diuji
Demi cinta tersembunyi hikmahNya pasti

Pandang-pandang alam ini
Sambil pandang difikiri
Mana bumbung langit tinggi
Mana lantai bumi
Tidak satu yang terjadi
Tidak mungkin tersendiri
Cuba cari jawapannya andai meragui

Mereka meragui wujudnya cinta yang sejati
Tidak hati ini
Semenjak dari mula
Ku yakin ada cinta
Cintalah yang memungkinkan segala

Ada hikmah yang pasti..
Sejak mula ku percaya ada cinta
Cinta itu memungkinkan segalanya
Cinta suci yang abadi

* * *

This is what happens when Maria stays up alone in a quiet night…