Last Sunday I read my cousins’ Seventeen magazine. I don’t know why they bought it, or maybe it’s not even theirs, it’s in their car. The topics there are really shallow – all about boys, girls and being skinny. Although I do found out a few things about which I wouldn’t have asked anyone.

Anyway, there’s a letter written to the editor that sounded somthing like this:

“One day I was at the beach with a friend. And then a group of guys came by, and they stopped to chat with us. I realised that they were talking and joking and paying more attention to her than to me, although I’m thinner and prettier. She was laughing away and chatting and joking with them. Then I realised that it’s not so much about beauty. It’s more of self confidence and personality. Since then, when I go out, I don’t only make sure my hair is in place, I would make sure I have a great smile of confidence carried with me.”

It’s worrying that many young girls are obsessed about their looks and shape. That skinny is pretty. The images shown by the press are just not healthy.

On the other hand some just do not take care of their health well. Eat and drink just about anything and exposing themselves to all sorts of health risks.

Again, it’s always about balance.

I do agree with the girl, though. I found that a great personality and self-confidence would shine through, no matter how small or big you are. It’s not like you don’t need to take care of yourself. Simplicity is the best way of life.

I found that obsessing about our looks all the time just takes away our energy and our glow. Just imagine being self conscious while trying to chat with our friends, or a person we like, or our crush. The conversation won’t go smoothly and we may not turn out to be as attractive as we actually are.

Oh, and I found that looking at someone straight into his/her eyes and then smile, makes a huge difference. And when they smile back….. 😀 😀 😀