Pheww!!! What a day!!
Woke up at 6.30am. Don’t know what I was thinking about, it took me one half hour to get ready for our swimming lesson this morning.
8am sharp, we boarded our car(s) and headed to Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan for our first ever formal swimming lesson. Well, at least for Cik Yam, Hannah and I. Yes, we could all swim, we could float in the swimming pool, we’ve gone snorkelling a few times, but not with proper techniques.
Our lesson went on well. The nice young swimming instructor was happy that she didn’t have any difficulties teaching us the basic things about swimming. She said by tomorrow, if all is well, she might take us to the deeper swimming pool (I heard it’s 3 meters deep!!) and teach us some basic survival skills in the water. Wow!!! To be honest, I’m nervous. I’ve never been somewhere deeper than 6 feet, I think.
After the lesson I rushed to the hospital (well, after excusing myself from the Ombak Swimming Club coordinator who wanted to sit down and chat about the class today, but I’m sorry I really had to rush, I said). Yes, I’m on call today. My patient had just passed away.
Rounds in the ward was straight forward. Discharged one patient. Others “continue the same”.
But the periphery…three patients, and the issues were quite difficult to handle. After talking to my boss, I concluded that I may not make it home before 5pm. So I called Liza and Zaimi to say I’m sorry I’m the host but even I couldn’t make it home….
4.10pm. I ‘crawled’ back to my place. Heavy traffic in Jalan Kuching. Heavy traffic in NKVE. In the kampung, slightly better. My mom and dad called to ask where I was. “Many of your cousins are here,” dad said.
I was home by 5.30pm. Wow, there’s a crowd up the gazebo! Cik Fuah invited her old school friends. The rest were my aunties and uncles and my tens of siblings. All laughing and talking and laughing. Eating lontong, mangoes, durians and more durians.
The kids ran to the field. They started playing rugby, headed by Aris. He’s not exactly a kid, but, yeah. More laughter and shrieks and shouts. Aris, Yusuf, Amin, Adib, Iqbal, Nadia, Anis, Alisa, Siti Hawa, Husna. They rolled on the grass. Laughed again. Kak Ain and Bazli sat under the durian tree, watching. Wak Halim sat on the steps. The others watched from the gazebo area, eating more durian.
Hannah appeared on her doorsteps with a tray of lasagne. The kids stopped playing. We cheered for Hannah from afar as she sweetly brought the lasagne over.
It got darker. Suddenly Amin and Yusuf came to Cik Uzi to learn additional maths. At first we thought, hey, it’s the holidays. Enjoy yourselves!
But seeing the way Cik Uzi talk, the way Cik Uzi taught them, I was mesmerised. I came closer. I felt like learning additional maths again, from this particular teacher.
Sarah said, “I remember when I learnt add maths from Cik Uzi, I suddenly understood. And when I saw the questions in exams, I thought, hey, I can answer this!”
Abang Rafli and Kak Lin arrived quite late.
Faizal learnt a lesson today. He brought 3 little boys on his motorcycle for a round. He took them to the smaller roads in the kampung, behind our hill. After some time the boys asked, “Where’s the shop? Is it far?”
He thought, “Emm, when did I say I wanted to bring them to a shop?”
He rode to a shop, anyway. With whatever coins he managed to fish in his motorcycle, he bought them those little balloons in the tubes. The boys were happy enough with this small gift.
Lesson learnt – must bring money when you take kids out. They will always want to stop at a shop.
The sun set. Amin and Yusuf closed their books. Cik Fuah and Cik Jib started cleaning. Wak Izah and Cik Lina were busy choosing the durians to make tempoyak. Tau arrived from a wedding in full baju Melayu.
We all went in then.
And just now, my darling sister and my sweet little cousins ensemble the side table I bought in Ikea on Wednesday. Such sweet girls. I can’t find the words to say.
So here I am. Sitting alone in my room. No words can describe what I’m feeling right now.
The night is still young. I have another house to go. And tomorrow is another busy day.