Travelling alone to and from work made my mind wander. Sitting alone making ketupat made me think, or dream. All sorts of things.
I have a lot to write about. In fact I have written them up in my blog. But it’s not time to put them up yet. They are about my Eid visits. About the inspiration from the elderly people in my life. About reminiscing our youthful memories. About grandma. And grandpa too.
Also about a cow.

Today I want to just ramble on. Just about anything. Anything at all.

I’ve just realised that I still cook as if my grandpa is around to eat them. I’ll make sure the carrots and the baby corns are soft enough for an adentulous elderly man (meaning no teeth). Yes, up to now.

Many a time one would look for someone with the same facial features and appearance as a partner. I’ve seen many couples who look alike, and they’re very happy together.

We all love nice packages. Travel. Perfumes. Wedding. The person we want to marry.

Usually after festive seasons the ward would be cool for a few days. But it didn’t happen this time around. Yesterday was still a public holiday but the ward had FOUR admissions over 24hrs (that’s a lot for our standard) and they all came needing loads of counselling.

Grandma’s hot-tempered when she was raising her first FIVE boys. Grandpa’s very cool and patient.
At times I’m hot-tempered too so shall I look for a very cool and patient hubby like grandpa?
Well, I do hope (and pray) that I am meant for someone like that, so I could cool down a little.
Anyway, who wouldn’t be short-tempered when she’s trying to raise five boys?

I love nice voices. And I only got to know that recently.

They are all fair and handsome and pretty and nice. And have nice sharp noses although they don’t look like an Arab/Pakistani. Maybe there are people who are threatened by my aunts and uncles and grandparents and grandaunts and granduncles and cousins and second cousins. Maybe that’s why they said all sorts of things about my family.

One of my granduncles could still differentiate between my dad and my many uncles, when younger people than him don’t. He could also tell which one has not come to his house for Eid, and for how long! He’s a sharp man. And healthy too. He must be at least 70 now.

Tun Dr Mahathir is a smart man, unlike most politicians. Maybe he’s manipulative, maybe he’s cunning, but he’s very smart and I’m sure his IQ is like, emm, hundreds. And he looks younger than his age too. I like that photo of his in a pink baju melayu. And I love it when they photograph him with Tun Siti Hasmah. Such a romantic elderly couple!

This Eid I think most of my family members choose white, pastel colours or green.

I miss Zafri that cutie pie. Can’t wait to see him on Saturday. And I feel happy for Cik Mah and her family because they’re going to meet Zafri for the first time. They’re going to love him!

It’s funny the way some parents, for not much of a valid reason, think that no woman is ever going to be good enough for their son. Whoever the son bring home, there’s just some fault that they can’t accept. Well, dear mothers, don’t you remember that you were once that lady too? That lady who hoped that she’s accepted by the beloved husband’s family? And are you not confident with your son’s choice? You raised him, remember? Why would you think you son won’t come back to you?

I wonder why are most men out there sooooo insecure? And some of them don’t even have a reason to feel that way!

I think I will fall for the same kind of guy all over again. Some weird book-ish hardworking smiley-face who has a sharp nose. There’s something about the nose. Haha.

For me Bahasa Indonesia is a beautiful language, especially when it’s spoken by a sweet girl. It sounds softer than Malay, more artistic, soulful and romantic.

I love peace and quiet.