Parental guidance may be necessary. This story was told by my dear waks (uncles) – Idris and Mohlis.

When my father was 3, my grandmother had a cow. It is huuuge (gedhi is huge in Javanese), and it’s beautiful with it’s nice round shape and white skin (ayu is charming in Javanese).

My uncles (Wak Idris and Wak Mohlis) were the ones who had to care for this ‘pretty lady’. They needed to look for the right kind of grass for her to feast on. Wrong grass – she’d be hungry. At times they’d walk up to two miles just to get her favourite food. Well, a boy’s got to do what a boy’s got to do.

She was, what we’d describe, one hot stuff. Really. “She’s wanted by so many,” my uncles described.

One night, my uncles were, well, having a rest at home. Then they heard a stampede. They ignored the stampede, they thought it would be dangerous to intervene.

The next morning….they said, “We found that the whole lawn was all muddy.”

What happened to the cow, one might wonder…

According to my uncles, the cow never got pregnant. She just didn’t reproduce. They finally had to sell the cow, and for a good price, that is. Wak Idris and Wak Mohlis even managed to buy a bicycle each from the money.