SONY DSCSadly Ramadhan has come towards its end. We have another few hours.
Shall I say that it’s a bittersweet celebration with happiness that we have, hopefully, successfully reached the end, and sad with the fact that this holy, peaceful, meaningful month has ended?
Whatever improvements that we have made in our lives, we’d hope that it’s continuous.
Whatever challenges that Ramadhan has presented to all of us, we’d hope that it would make us a better person, a better Muslim in the future.
Whatever lessons learnt in this month, we’d hope that we would remember them as long as we live.
And most importantly, we’d hope that Allah have accepted our gift to Him, as a sign of gratefulness, for all that we have in this world – and no matter what you think you’re lacking of, He’s given a lot.

I know some of us feel that we don’t deserve to celebrate Eid this year.
Some feel that it’s not worth the festivities.
Some too depressed to even think about eating our usual ketupat, lontong, lemang, rendang, kuah kacang, kurma ayam and kuih raya this time around.
Some just wanted to wear jeans and t-shirt and visit the cinemas this year, because it’s just not worth it.

But what I can say, no matter what you think, it’s still worth it.
Hey, at least you’ve fasted through all the flu, tooth ache, headaches, diarrhoea…
At least you’ve fasted through the traffic jams and heavy work load.
At least the money you’ve, hopefully, rightfully earned, you’re spending for your mum to buy rice, meat, onions and garlic and so on and so forth, for her to feel that it’s still worth spending Eid with you.
At least, we all still have each other. And we will always do.

To whoever’s working this raya, and those who have worked hard throughout the month, and I know it’s been a hard time for many of us (what with the jonah-ness of our calls), I hope that all of our sacrifices and keikhlasan will be well paid. And all of you deserve every single joy that Eid could bring.

So my dear friends and family members,
Selamat Hari Raya. Eid Mubarak.
I wish you all the joy and happiness.
I’m sorry for whatever wrong I’ve done, words that I’ve used, I may have hurt someone.
I’m sorry for all the problems I may have caused, and all the worries too.
And I can’t thank you enough for being such strong support for me through times like this. I hope, and I pray, that Allah will pay you with something great, that you might never get from me, or any human beings.
And thank you for your support towards my family too.

All my love,
To whom it may concern, Sanisah Huri’s Bersabarlah Sayang:

Semua insan sedang gembira
Di hari ini sayang
Hari yang mulia
Marilah bersama berhari raya
Hilangkan duka

Lupakan saja kisah yang lalu
Gantikan cerita baru
Agar hatimu waspada selalu
Jangan kau kesalkan
Jangan engkau tangiskan

Pada mereka yang tak mengerti
Menuduh dirimu
Di jurang kesalahan saja
Ku tak sampai hati
Biarkan engkau sendiri

Tetapi diriku dan juga temanmu
Yang tahu kisah derita
Dan luka di dada, hanya kuharapkan
Kau harus bersabar
Dan bertenang selalu