At one point I actually got sick of myself for posting one status a day in Facebook. Felt like an addict. I tried to stop for a while, but I can’t. Because this is where I ‘meet up’ with my friends and family, to exchange news and photos. Whenever I can I would stop myself from thinking “I wanna say this and this and this today.”

I failed to do all that until just recently. But why? Well, something happened that made it clear, why I love this so much, and what bad can come from it.

I started to become more attached to Facebook in April this year. Lonely? Hmm…more like wanting to get back at certain people. I wrote a few notes which are so general that they sound like they’re not targetted to anyone. But surprise, surprise, I had good response from my friends and family members. Yes, it DID hit someone – well, siapa makan cili dia terasa pedas. Those were my actual thoughts, even if I was not being sarcastic, those notes really were written from deep inside my heart. And I can’t believe people actually agreed with me. Plus nobody else really thought that I was being sarcastic. Which is good.


Yeah, so I fell in love with Facebook. For the fact that I could get instant response about my notes, or blogs, whatever they call it nowadays. I used to write in Friendster blog, but it’s less interactive so it’s just lukewarm. Or maybe the topics were either not interesting enough or too personal, or just that I haven’t developed my own style, or not being in touch of my true feelings. Maybe all of the above.

Then the quizzes, the games….I didn’t play all these games initially. My sister asked me for permission to play Farmville on my Facebook, as the application is not available in MySpace. So I did. But I fell in love with that too. Now she ended up asking me to harvest the farm!! Arghh….

Why do we keep coming back? Day in and day out, checking out what’s new.

For me I love it that it has made me a bit closer to those whom I would have just said hi and bye along the way in the hospital corridors. I love it that we could joke with each other, the way we never would have without this facebook thingy. I love the fact that I have a circle of friends who are interested in whatever each other is doing, and give support when someone is having a problem, although it may be just in the form of words.

We all tend to put up happy photos during whatever occassion (I guess nobody takes photos on sad occassions – except farewells). Weddings, honeymoon, holidays, parties, concerts… It’s nice to share with everyone. I hope I thought enough of how many people would be able to see these photos when I post them on. Well, I didn’t screen before, but recently I thought I must do a bit of tightening of security. It seems to work now. It’s eerie when almost anyone could quietly see through our photos, one by one, without us knowing it….esp when they are almost strangers.

There are some who think that Facebook is for lonely people. Well, we all need friends. It seems from what I’ve observed, we all are humans, social beings. We need company. Yeah, some people are bored enough and is online most of the time. Hmm…but then again even if I’m busy at home I would put my FB on, most of the time so that I could talk to someone I needed to, or harvest my farm when it’s ready.

Especially now in our lives, due to our jobs, we’re all over the place. Of course we’d miss our old classmates, HO-same-postings, family members…seeing their status or notes would remind us back of them, keep everyone in touch..

I never really add a stranger into my Facebook. And when I post I’d think, “what if so and so and so reads/sees this?” If I can’t stand the thoughts, I wouldn’t do so.

One day I did add a stranger….and I have a bit of regret now. Good thing is maybe I would use my Facebook to a much lesser extent, and able to stop myself from putting up stupid status/posts everyday. But then I can’t put up words of wisdom I discovered around me too. I really needed to choose my words.

Luckily I could change the security settings for my notes and photos. However it disappoints me that sometimes I can’t comment on certain friends’ posts too, can’t write on some other friends’ walls, because of some strangers lurking around. Sigh…..

I promise myself now I wouldn’t add on a stranger anymore….no matter how many connections they have in between.

And my last word (from deep inside my heart that is saying “yuck!” and “‘euuuwwww!”) – Facebook is sooooo not a place to look for future partner. It is for friendship and family bonding, and should remain so!