If you know me close enough, you’d notice that I say this a lot: “Med school was fun!”

I stepped to medical school without knowing what it was going to be like, how much I would learn, how much I’d see, and how much I’d grow. I faced it with an open mind, and an open heart.

I flew to Dublin about 10 days after my beloved grandfather pass away. He was happy and proud. One day he was eating rambutans, he told me to eat those fruits as I was going away soon – “Nanti dekat sana takde rambutan (there’ll be no rambutans over there, you see).” My eyes would be filled with tears everytime I remember him saying that.

What did I do in Dublin? Hmm….there’s just so much to say but I can’t possibly write all of that in one blog. Maybe not even ten. So I should write whichever part I want.

Like during summer in the year 2001, the three of us (Liza, Nirda and I) were left behind, idly waiting a month after exams finished for our pre-med results. I was in my room in our place (Malaysia House), and I heard a few of the dole kids sing, “So I said a little prayer, and hope my dreams will take me there, where the skies are blue, to see you once again my love. Overseas from coast to coast, to find the place I love the most, where the trees are green, to see you once again….my love..”

Even thought it’s the 8-year-olds singing, it brough tears to my eyes. Yes, I had fun there but by summertime of course I miss home. Funny, but whenever that song is played in the radio, I’d remember that moment in my life.

Or when the three of us used to hold hands when we cross the big street near our place. The wind is always strong esp in the morning, we knew one of us would fall if we don’t help each other.

Or the time when we went shopping for a laundry basket – we wanted to walk to the City Centre which is about two miles away. We stopped by in St Stephen’s green, Miss Selfridge, Dublin Book Shop, Next, Laura Ashley, and that music store (gosh, I can’t remember the name!!)….and ended up tired, managed to buy everything else except laundry basket! I even got a PRINTER for myself! Kak Ida and Erin laughed at us for failing to find a laundry basket for the umpteenth time. (I finally got mine, and Liza got hers, when each of us shopped alone. Haha!)

Or the time when we attempted our first nasi lemak. FIVE of us cooked (I think more than that). Rice, yes. Boiled eggs, done. Fried chicken, done. Sambal….emm….it took us sooo long to cook it, and still….sooo hot!!!! We wondered why, the sambal took so long and it’s not even cooked! We’d laugh about it whenever we remember that sambal.

Or the time when I bought PURPLE CABBAGE. I wanted to cook masak lemak. Yes, the taste was quite alright but the gravy turned PURPLE!!!!! Waaaaah!!

December 2003 – the most fun I had in Dublin. There’s just so much I could write about December 2003. Probably on whole chapter. Or one whole book, perhaps. The month I love very much – the month of my birthday. But it’s more than that, acually.

One of the things we did was Hari Raya Open House. It was my second Eid in Dublin, and final one there too. I was staying with my brother Taufiq in a huge (but fairly priced) apartment in Lad Lane, near Leeson Street. I decided to hold a dinner party for my friends. We had one in 2002, which was a success despite a minor laughable glitch.

Well, the night before that my friends came to help out. Liza and Nirda stayed overnight, Ja and Zaimi came to kacau.

I’ve cooked the curry. And the next task was the roti jala. Tedious! To cut the story short, we finally finished them (roti jala for 50 people) by 6.30AM. Then we went to bed. My darling brother (who slept much earlier) woke up and cleaned the kitchen. To his shock he found splatters of the roti jala batter ON THE CEILING OF THE KITCHEN!!! He laughed, and asked me later on – what the HELL did you girls do last night??

Or the time when we had four hours gap in the afternoon. Class would start at 8am, finish at 10. Resume at 2pm. In between that half the class would be in the lab, or in the dissecting room. Half of us? Well….Grafton Street. At home sleeping. The basketball court. The jamming room. The pool table. The park, in summer. Or…emmm…the library, I think. Sometimes all of the above. Hey, we are a bunch of fun loving people and we won’t let all those things go to waste when they’re all one or two minutes walking distance from the college! Or within the college itself!

I loooove Grafton Street. It’s pretty, it looks clean, it has almost everything anyone needs (and want) – except for halal food, maybe. There’s Butler’s Chocolate (where I’d break my fast before resuming shopping. Haha! Oh, and hot chocolate with cold weather is just heaven…), Dublin Bookshop (I could just sit there and browse and browse), Miss Selfridge (Liza does most of her shopping there), Monsoon (expensive but beautiful dresses! We did go there and try them out, then dreaming, then pretend that it’s a tad too big or small. I ended up buying its pretty breacelets – the cheapest item there – and they last up to now, still shining and they look like new!) Laura Ashley (where I’d gaze at those carpets and bed linens and curtains, wishing I have triple the amount of money that I had at that time), BT2, Next (where half Dublin would line up at as early as 4am on Boxing Day waiting for the shop to open), Dorothy Perkins, AIB (Allied Irish Bank – where I did most of my banking), that music store that I still can’t remember the name of, Marks and Spencer (where we’d shop for some groceries, and men’s shirt, and kid’s apparrel too. Oh, the chocolate cake is popular amongst us. That’s where we’d buy cakes for EVERY birthday).

Hmm….what else….

Oh, that one fine summer afternoon, after class. We went out of the college compound. Turn right to go home. Turn left to Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre. Our feets hesitated. They didn’t seem to want to turn right. Fine. So we went and buy some ice cream, Liza carrying a laptop bag (with her laptop in, of course), to which a purple floating balloon was attached. We bought a cone each, then sat in the park , enjoying the day. We went home happy. La la la.

Sorry, I can’t hear you. Emm….studying? What’s that? Oh…I know what you mean. Studying is what we do when we weren’t doing all of the above fun things (and a lot more of similar activities) that I have yet to mention.

Wow. Med school WAS fun. I miss it.