When I was younger and have just started to learn to bake cakes and biscuits, my father used to take some of those I’ve baked and bring to my grandparent’s place.

He’d say, “Maya made this.”

I did wonder, why did he have to say that, because most of the time my mom would help out. Without her help I wouldn’t have successfuly made those cakes.

Well, recently my sister Nadia (who’s 13) showed her interest in cooking and baking. She loves it more than I ever did. So I decided to take this opportunity to teach her some stuff in the kitchen, while she’s keen.

One day she made some chocolate chip cookies herself, from scratch. She followed the recipe given by our cousin, and she’s helped her make them before. The only thing I did to help was, well, find the soda bicarbonate for her, and add some hazelnuts (not in the recipe – just to try and see).

And when they were done….wow….it smelled nice, it tasted so nice! My brother really loved them!

What did I do?

I packed some, brought them to my aunt’s place next door, and my uncle’s place (the other house next door), and to the hospital too (for my friends and nurses to taste), saying, “Nadia made this all by herself.”

Then only I understand how my father felt all those years before.