We’ve always said, “Terrible traffic!”
The response is, “Well, at least you have somewhere to go to.”

We’ve always said, “I dread Mondays…I hate going to work!”
The response is, “At least you have a job!”

“My car is so small and only fits 2.”
The response is, “At least you have a car.”

“I’m having bad flu.”
“Well, at least you don’t have lung infection.”

“My husband/wife spends too much!”
“At least you have money to spend.”

“I can’t join you guys, I have a husband to go home to.”
“Well, at least you have a husband.”

“I can’t go shopping with my girlfriends, my kids are sick.”
“At least you have kids to take care of.”

But really, is “at least” the right phrase to use?
Are they the least we could all have?
“At least” we have a car, a job, somewhere to go to, a husband/wife, money to spend, kids to take care of….I think that’s a lot to begin with!
Hmm….makes us ponder, isn’t it?