I have heard, but had never personally felt that nature has a power to bring peace and humbleness to the human mind.

I was sitting on top of the cliff near Te Wahi in Cape Reinga. The Tasman Sea in front of me. The sounds of the waves hitting on  the beaches, hitting on the stones. Seagulls flying and squawking away. The sky so blue and the sun so bright. The wind blowing all around…I was going to pray there, in the middle of pure nature, my knees a bit sore from sitting on the gravel.

Serenity seeped through me…

Inna sholati wanusuki wamahyayawamamati lillahi rabbil’alamin..

And God is Great

What am I doing in this world?

Who am I kidding, really?


God help me

You could create all this

The huge dunes and the vast ocean

The unreachable skies and the wind so strong

Creation and Destruction

It’s all Yours

Ash-haduanlailaha illallah

If You could make all this

Then I know You could make me feel better

I know You could make us all mcuh happier one day

After this turmoil in our lives

Wa ash-hadu anna muhammadarrasulullah

I have faith in You

I have faith in what You Do

I know it is hard for me, for us now

But I know God You could, and would Help me

Allahumma sholli’ala sayyidina muhammad

If You could make all this

You could choose to make me sad

But I know You’ll make me happy too

Happier than I ever did before

Wa’ala ali saiyyidina muhammad

And no matter what it is

I’ll take it because it’s all from You

Through thick and thin

You help is what I’ll seek

Your strength is where I’ll lean on

Fil ‘alamina innaka hamidummajid…