In Islamic teaching, siratul mustaqim is a bridge, size of a seventh of a strand of hair. In the akhirat (hereafter), you’ll need to cross it in order to get to the syurga (paradise). If you can’t balance on it you’d fall into hell.

One might wonder, how do you balance yourself on a seventh of a strand of hair?

When you think about it, life is all about balance. Harmony.

It’s difficult for a man to balance between his mother and his wife.

It’s difficult for a woman to divide between her family and her job.

It’s difficult for a son to balance between his parents and himself.

It’s difficult for a human

to balance between his dunia (life) and akhirat (hereafter)

to balance between his physical needs, mind, emotions and soul

So then

Would it be right if I say, when it comes to the bridge

Anyone who could balance it all in his life

May find it easy to balance on the siratul mustaqim?