I walked to the nurse counter after lunch.

Then I saw it.

Two large boxes of Big Apple Donuts.


“Wow, who’s this from?”

“Patient’s niece.”

“Why are they still here? Why not in the pantry?”

“We’re waiting for you, doctor.”

“Yes, we want to celebrate with you.”

Oh, so sweet.


So I called my two friends. “Let’s eat donuts!”


My nurses were elated. They brought the boxes to the pantry with cheerful smiles.


I opened the first box with honor.

Azlina took the plain donut.

Yati took the dark chocolate topping.

Shanie with the almond and cream.

Safar took the chocolate floss.

Kak Non took the cream and kiwi. But Kak Ina said no. “You have diabetes.” She didn’t listen.

I cut the almond donut into two.

Sister asked, “is this sweet?” Shanie said, “no”.


Yati enjoyed the chocolate so much.

Azlina talked about the soft texture.

I bite into Azlina’s donut.

Safar tore off her donut and shared with everyone.

Kak Non finally gave up. “Yes, it’s sweet.”

Sister and Safar made jokes about each other’s hometown – Tawau and Sandakan.

Everybody laughed.

Everyone was so happy.

They smiled, they cheered.

They look contented.

Not a single long face.


I captured all their faces and put it in my memory.

Faces I would remember all my life.

Of Big Apple Donuts and my nurses’ happiness.