Signs that you’re getting older:

1. You listen to MixFm, then LiteFm, instead of Hitz or Fly.

2. You come home at 12 midninght on Fridays and Saturday nights, instead of the usual 3-4am. Or you just stay at home.

3. It’s more difficult to get rid of the hangover.

4. It’s really tough to shed those few pounds you gained last Raya/Christmas/New Year/Divali seasons.

5. Weekends are spent cleaning the house…

6. A slight increase of humidity, or the lack of it, would change how your skin appears.

7. Your forever young dad now actually looks older.

8. Your younger brothers can now vote.

9. They call you Madam/Kakak and not miss/adik.

10. “Your baby is so cute! Is this number 3?”

11.  Your most favourite song was popular some 10 – 20 years ago. They just don’t play your favourite songs anymore.

12. It’s difficult to climb those trees now. You’ve lost your balance!

13. You take longer to balance yourself in the ice skating rink. Yonks ago you would’ve been able to grasp it in a few minutes.

14. You can’t stand on one feet for longer than 30 seconds.

15. Your dad’s voice now sounds a little like your grandpa, and your brother now sounds like your dad.

16. The country has changed a few prime ministers in your life (though most of the cabinet ministers are about the same people as they were 20 years ago).