Has been thinking of getting a new perfume for the past few weeks. I grabbed the chance today in Auckland International Airport. 10 minutes before boarding time.

Tried Dior Addict 2. Sweet, but no thanks. Looked at the price tags. Hmm…maybe not. Maybe not at all today.

Then I saw Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Bottle with white daisies on top. Asked the salesgirl, “May I have a try?” “Here you are,” said she. And at that moment….

I was seven.

Running in the wide fields with my brother Taufiq.

Little yellow flowers in the lawn.

The palm oil mill.

My school with huge trees in the surrounding.

My little brother Adam drooling most of the time. His innocent eyes.

Disneyland Los Angeles. Universal Studios.

Snow in Grand Canyon.

Laughter. Fights. Laughter again.

My mom trying to feed us all. One by one.

My dad with his shorts, and Magnum PI moustache.

Sunshine. Fields. Palm oil trees.

Happy. Just happy.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs. It’s mine.