Background music: Kau Aku by Aizat

Had a rushed 40-minute shopping this afternoon.

Parking in Auckland City could be really really expensive, up to $6 per hour! So I decided to take a ferry from Half Moon Bay (near Cik Mah’s house) to Auckland City. Plus, Queen’s street is just right off the harbor. Cik Jamal sent me off at 2.20pm, drove for 5 minutes and there we were, Half Moon Bay! But….we’ve just missed the ferry by 10 minutes, and the next ferry was to be at 4.15pm!

So I decided to drive into town. I needed to buy those special chocolates, T-shirts and bracelets. I knew where to park now – at the Quay. When I arrived there, I saw that the car park was not the usual 90/180 minutes car park – it’s owned by Wilsons!  I did wonder how much it would cost me. Hmm…minimum $4….for 40 minutes!!! Well, I was already there, and it shouldn’t take long to shop because I (thought I) knew where the shops are. So I put in my precious $4 coins into the machine. I had 40 minutes from then – til 1543hrs.

In my rush I managed to snap a few photos. The Queen Street roadsign that I didn’t manage to capture well two days ago. The quay, again.

I walked and walked, looking for the chocolate shop. But it never showed itself. Hmm…I jogged a bit, especially when crossing the roads. Wow, this is far. The chocolate shop was AT THE OTHER END OF QUEEN STREET!! Thanks for my squasy games and the sand dunes and the snow fights I was not panting too much. Chose my chocolates (one for Faridatul, one for Astrid, one for Liza, and one for ourselves…) and paid for it. Managed to talk about the packaging with the store keeper – apparently this small Christchurch chocolate company has won world’s best chocolate packaging award in New York! And more are coming tomorrow! Ah, well, what I had were good enough. With a laugh I left the shop. Hurriedly.

Next stop – T-shirt shop. I almost ran. Actually I did run across the street. Ok, what is it called again….backstreet…oh, there it is! Ricochet is the shop next to it. Hmm….choose, choose….oops! I saw the price tag properly this time. It’s not $40 for 2 t-shirts, it said T-shirts for $40, choose 2 for $70. Awh….I guess it’s not worth the price. They are funny, yes, but I could find similar in The Curve with much cheaper price. I know, the cotton is so soft, the colours nice, but…nah. Not worth it.

Ok, quick, the bracelet shop! Two special bracelets are all I need. 1530hrs!! Oh, no! Tried to run but….it’s going to be about the same, anyway. So I walked. And I prayed. I need those bracelets and please God let there be no one checking the car parks right now. These girls are so sweet I want to buy something special for them. 

There you are. Inspiration. Went straight to the shelves, grabbed the two bracelets, paid for them. “Are they gifts? Do you want me to gift-wrap them?” I don’t have time for this. “No, thanks. I just need a nice box. Do you have a nice box?” My parking ticket is running out of time.  Plus you’ll charge for wrapping service, right? “I’ll just put these in these bags, and put the bags in boxes.” What? “Would you choose which ribbons to go on top of the boxes?” Ahh….might as well….

Ribbons chosen, thanked the girl in the shop, and I rushed off to my car. 1545hrs. I saw the shadow of a paper…pray not a ticket…ok…ok….

Thank God I made it!