Watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince today. Had a nice time. Funny. Sweet. A bit of romance. Scary. Sad, in the end, as everyone (I hope) knows.
Somehow it brought back some emotions. Emotions that I felt years ago. When I was…hmm…second year…21. Funny that actually I felt like I was sharing my emotions with Harry Potter. It’s like empathy. I could feel his need for a parent, a mother and father figure in his life. His need for his friends. How lonely he was when he first came. And yes, he had friends but he’s the only one who could kill Voldemort.
Especially now when he starts noticing girls. Ron and Hermione are his pillars of strength but Ginny gives support in a different kind of way. Like when he had to throw away the potions book he loved so much. Or when Dumbledore dies and Ginny was his shoulder to cry on. It’s a sweet moment but it gave butterflies in my stomach too.
I don’t know. There’s another funny feeling in my heart that I can’t explain, just indescribable.
Maybe it’s the fact that he’s an orphan and he needed to face all this at a young age.
Maybe I read too much of emotionally charged Harry Potter-based stories written by his fans when I was in med school.
Maybe I got too absorbed with his mood, because I spent so much of my time engrossed in the books, his fans’ stories.
How we all used to hope that Sirius will always be his Godfather and how wonderful it would have been if, after Voldemort has died, they could live together happily like father and son.
How we all wished that Dumbledore would say something like, ‘I’m your grandfather’ or ‘I’ll teach you advanced magic that even Voldemort wouldn’t know” for example something more than expelliarmus.
All this, and the cold weather, really brought back all the memories, all the feelings that I had seven years ago. Yes, I went with my 12 year-old cousin, but I was alone, I was so immersed with my emotions, this weird-pleasant-lonely-desperate-sweet feelings. And it still lingers til now.
I’ve got to watch this movie again.