I am still testing this blog site, actually. All this while I’ve been writing and just writing. Apparently there’s more than that. There are so many more things that we can do in a blog. Like flickr. Or categorising. Yes, I had never categorised my blogs before!

With my eyes to the computer, also to the TV (it’s showing Ocean’s 12 now – which I haven’t watched!), I can’t do this properly. Couldn’t really get to set the categories.

So here I am. In Auckland. Far from home. Wide awake. Far and wide.

Hmm…the thing about putting in Part 1 in my blog is, usually I won’t manage to make it to Part 2. Like my Happy Teacher’s Day blog. Or Abang Rafli’s Wedding Album Teaser. It went on being a teaser without the proper album. Not yet, at least.

I will, talk about being out of my comfort zone. But not right now. Not this hour. Not at least while this movie is going on.