Welcome notes…hmm…

Including this there are four sites in which I write. I started off with Friendster blog, then I opened a blogspot account which was supposed to hold the emotional parts of me. In which I have not written a single thing because I have came across another blog which appeared too depressing, so I didn’t use it. But maybe I will, at times. Then I write in my Facebook notes, which gained quite warm-lukewarm response, depending on the topic. I copied most of it into my Friendster blog.

Then I started what some called blog-hopping. How I found out is another looooong story altogether but I ended up with another colleague’s blog in wordpress, her style of which I think has a few similarities to mine. But she doesn’t know that yet.

I have so much to write. In fact, I think of writing almost all the time. At least now when I’m travelling and seeing new things everyday. Meeting new people. I snap everything I see in my picture section in my brain, and record everything I want to write about in the words section of the brain. Haywire? No, human brain capacity is a wonder! It shouldn’t confuse itself so easily, actually. I wanted to buy a notebook so I can write anything, anytime. I know I have a PDA phone but it’s useless for speed writing. I need traditional pen and paper. You’ll see in the near future that I’m of a conservative mind – well, in some ways.

Oops, my battery is running out of power, and I couldn’t find the adaptor! I could write and write the whole night and wouldn’t stop, but now I don’t know where the charger is. Alas! Maybe it’s a sign for me to sleep early tonight. I’m so free tonight…

(Maybe if I did not put the YouTube on I wouldn’t have needed to stop so early. But it’s too quiet here and I need some background music. Not that I’m a fan of loud noises)

I guess I can’t play the last song unless I could find the charger!! Til then, ciao!!